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The Africa Experience....

The Koro Photography course #Botswana #Thuli 4th to 9th September 2020

Over-landing is an exciting adventure that allows you the rare privilege of experiencing remote and untouched corners of this continent. Africa is unfathomably

vast and varied, home to remarkable people, spectacular scenery and legendary wildlife but it can also induce some #whitesheetfever, it’s a real thing and there is no shortage of luxury at Koro, which provides the perfect antidote!

The Africa Experience offers 2 boutique camps in the remote wilderness of Botswana's Central Thuli, Koro River camp and Koro Island Camp.

We refer to a place of Re-Souling....

Here is what we mean…

From one hundred meters away you will start to hear the distinct harmony of song, contemplating this as you meander under the cool, majestic riverine canopy of the Limpopo, snaking your way to Koro River Camp. The closer you come you realise it is indeed the harmony of an African tune, smiling faces and a rhythm that moves slowly toward you, this is your welcome. Along with a cool cloth and a refreshing drink, you have arrived!

The master-suites further invite the opportunity to breath, reflect and rejuvenate. They exude a quiet and timeless sense of luxury with extra length king size beds, pure silk, hypoallergenic Godding & Godding linen “spun by nature” this silk will ensure the ultimate in luxury sleep ensuring your body and mind gets the rest and new energy needed. An in room fridge ensures you have an iced glass of wine or #gintail at your fingertips, while a comfortable seating area with a view of the river calls for some down time. The tented private bathroom is fully stocked with Godding & Godding Pure Silk & Baobab products. The African Baobab, is rich in vitamins A C D E and F and provides proven protection for the skin from sun. The final invite comes from the private plunge pool and sun loungers on your tent deck, with sweeping views of the river, rich in diversity, prolific bird life and an array of animals coming to quench a hot thirst, top this with a cool, hypnotic breeze…#ReSouling? …indeed

We have put together an exciting itinerary for the next photography course at Koro, 4th to 9th September……Join us for some unique wilderness discoveries through the lens of our cameras….I have no doubt we will all be out of #lockdown by then and in urgent need of some Sun and #Safari!

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