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The Elephants Of Thula Thula in spring time

Sometimes you are just in the right time at the right place and with beautiful light, it doesn't happen that often but when it does, it's conjurers up excitement and you just know, before you even see the image!

This was one of those times, as we came around the corner the whole herd was peacefully crossing this field of beautiful yellow daisies.

Often you need to work quite hard to get an image that excites you, in wildlife photography you are often battling difficult light, your position from the wildlife which are often in dense bush or behind trees, unlike any other kind of photography, when you can choose what time you will shoot, you can do retakes, you can position your subject and you can use flash and other kinds of artificial light to build your image.

But all of this only makes wildlife photography even more rewarding and here at Thula Thula you can learn about wildlife photography on the Thula Thula Photography Course!

The Thula Thula photography course by Kim Mcleod Photography runs every two months and this Magnificently dramatic image was taken on the last course by Jacqueline Nel.

This course runs over 5 days from the Luxury Tented Camp and with the tranquil and plentiful wildlife at Thula Thula not to mention the famous herd of elephants and rhino is a photography heaven and an unforgettable adventure and true safari experience. During this photography course we cover: *camera settings *theory *practical *editing #wildlifephotography #nature #crativephotography #dramatic #thulathula #luxurytentedcamp

Behind the scenes of the Thula Thula Photography Course



Order your Thula Thula digital negatives to bring the magic of Thula Thula to bring your walls to life!

Or mail me on if there is a photo you would like to order that is not on the website.


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