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Photography Is A Love Affair With Life... capture yours perfectly ♥️

Most people do not truly appreciate how difficult wildlife photography is, until you try capture what you see in photograph... then you realize, besides being in the right place at the right time, with a good eye, the right equipment, patience and an intimate understanding of your camera and all the setting that will allow you to capture the scene as you see it or how you wish to portray it, (which you cannot do in the auto mode), how challenging it really is. In addition you are limited to your position, you have no control over your subject and you do not always work in perfect light...

On the Thula Thula Wildlife Photography Course you are not only signing up for the adventure of a lifetime with the famous elephant herd as your subject and the magnificent scenery as your backdrop, you will learn everything you need to know about photography.

Based at the Thula Thula Volunteers academy you will be situated in the heart of Thula Thula with the most spectacular views overlooking Mkhulu Dam with regular wild visitors...

Nikki Relph recently joined us for a photography course and had this to say about the experience.

Worth every cent! An extra Bonus - the money helps the Conservation Fund!

I can't recommend this experience enough! After reading the Elephant Whisper it had been my dream to visit the elephants at Thula Thula. However, the Ellie experiences during the photography week with Kim McLeod and Victor Ngwenya, our ranger, far exceeded my 'dream'. I arrived having only used a digital camera on Auto, Point and shoot. The photos from my first day and the ones over the next few days were chalk and cheese! Kim taught us how to capture a great wildlife shot and I can't believe how quickly our photos improved. The game drives with her and Victor were an absolute treat. Kim patiently helped us with settings and composition while Victor managed to get us up close for the perfect shot in the best light. He has also done Kim's course so, not only does he have brilliant knowledge of how the animals will behave, he makes sure the vehicle is perfectly positioned! He has a great sense of humour and even cooked us some excellent meals! A special memory was after the tasty braai and his special aubergine bredie and pap on our first night:

We had met some of the herd that afternoon on our game drive and Mbula had really come up close to see who the new visitors were. Kirsty, my fellow photography student, got a 'sniffing" from his huge trunk. Maybe he recognized her because this was her third visit to Thula in as many months! She is also smitten with this wonderful place. We were just getting ready to retire after our exciting day when Kim heard a loud 'crack' beyond the fence. She said "the ellies are here!" We dashed to our tents to see that the entire herd had come up to the enclosure of the academy. We had the pleasure of their company just a few meters from our tents! It was as though they had officially come to welcome us. We took some video footage and then got into our comfy beds and listened to them calmly munching away. What a fantastic way to drift off to sleep! Then the next morning Victor called to say that the herd was still close by so we left the theory in the classroom and got out to practice. We were rewarded with some beautiful "Noah's ark' like shots with the rhino, giraffe, zebra and various antelope.

The photography course is comprehensive and the notes are easy to follow but the best part was being out with Kim putting that theory into practice ( a whole different ball game!). The time spent doing close ups with the tortoises, seeing just born impalas, getting aperture settings right for flowers and getting to know the individuals in this special herd of elephants heals one's soul. I felt a 'glow' that I hadn't felt for a long time. This was the perfect escape from the crazy year we have all been through. I left feeling energized and motivated again and have new friends and a new hobby. I can't wait to be back for a refresher course!

Highly recommended! Thank you to all the hard working individuals who give their all to keep these amazing animals protected.

For our South African guests we are holding the COVID SPECIAL RATE of R8750-00 which is inclusive of the course, 5 nights accommodation at the Thula Thula Volunteers Academy and all meals and daily game drives and to make this even more appealing... The Thula Thula Volunteers Academy is a Non Profit Organisation and as such a portion of your payment can be claimed back from tax.


Thula Thula Photography Course Rates for 2021

South African residents ~ R11 500

(Currently on special for SA citizens ~ R8750.00)

North & South America & Asia residents ~ 990 USD

European residents ~ 950 EURO

UK residents ~ 920 GBP

Thula Thula special rate for 2

South African residents ~ R10 500 X2 = R21000

North & South America & Asia residents ~ 920 USD X2 = 1840 USD

European residents ~ 880 EURO X2 = 1760 EURO

UK residents ~ 850 GBP X2 = 1700 GBP

*The full payment is required to book your spot ~ Non refundable

2021 Photography Course Dates

March 1-6

March 28 - April 2

May 26-31

June 25-30

July 26-31

August 26-31

September 25-30

October 26-31

November 13-18

December 1-6


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