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It's more than just a photography course...

14 - 19 July 2019 at the Thula Thula Volunteers Academy "Limited Space Left"

"Marnie Le Page Absolutely does not get better than this! 💕 Thula Thula is such a special place to learn and practice photography and Kim Mcleod is a great teacher! It has been such an incredible experience - and I keep reliving the experience through my photos!"

Photography is a creative outlet that many of us are passionate about & in my experience, often the technical mambo jumbo kills this passion when you try to take it to the next level.

Passion and photography go hand in hand, for all kinds of photographers, and there are many kinds, the ones that strive for technical perfection, creative, documentary photographers or fashion… but we are all passionate about the chase, a perfect shot, perfect light, techniques or simply capturing that moment in time. How you capture it and connect with your subject is what you show to the world in your photos.

If this sounds familiar, then this course is the perfect escape for you!

Based at the Volunteers Academy, overlooking Mkuhlu dam, we will embark on a zero to hero photography course where you will see your photography evolve day by day, with the incredible Thula Thula herd of elephants and other abundant wildlife that this sanctuary is home to, as your subjects.

First you are going to get reaquinted with your camera, learn to understand it and take back the control of your camera. As much of the technical theory, as possible, has been taken out and replaced with simply explanations which we test practically. We will also touch on the different aspects and styles of photography giving you everything you need to continue in your own unique style of photography when you get back home.

And let’s be honest, we living in a visual age so why not show your world off?

Our days start with coffee and a Manual practical session followed by breakfast and a theory session. After lunch we do another theory session followed by the afternoon game drive where you will put your new skills to practice while enjoying the Thlula Thula experience with the legendary Rangers Promise and Victor!

Every day you will be thinking, “It can’t get better than this” but every day at Thula Thula is absolutely incredible!

Photography Course R5000 p/p


Fully inclusive (Food, Accomodation, Gamedrives) Volunteers Academy Rate for 5 nights

South African residents ZAR 5000.00

North and South America and Asia residents USD 500

European residents Euro 500

UK residents GBP 500

For more information please contact Nomfundu at the Volunteers Academy

Or myself

Thula Thula Exclusive Private Game Reserve also offers the Elephant Safari Lodge and Luxury Tented camp if you would like to arrive early or stay a little longer. For more info please mail

Thula Thula is run by Francoise, who carries on the legacy of Lawrence in respect of all the conservation projects, as well as the running of both lodges, together with her loyal Thula Thula team.

With its unique atmosphere, stylish décor and superb cuisine, Thula Thula offers you the choice of exclusive accommodation between the stylish ELEPHANT SAFARI LODGE, renowned gourmet destination.

Or the LUXURY TENTED CAMP, offering an authentic African bush experience in a relaxed atmosphere where children are welcome.

Thula Thula is about one and half hours drive from the Durban Airport and we can recommend Stuart De beer from Fever Tree Tours to to quote you on transfers.

083 303 2568

Before you come read the books!

“Learning about life, loyalty and freedom”

“What the herd taught me about love, courage and survival”

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