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My Photography life...


10 years ago I came to a T junction in my life. I took a right turn and went down the photography lane, with no idea about what lay ahead. It's been an incredible journey of wild and wonderful experiences, millions of photographs and a zillion memories.

I have experienced life at Thula Thula, travelled across the country, explored others; photographed weddings, events, incredible people, wildlife and food at so many gorgeous locations. I hope my pictures will speak to you.

My blog will share these experiences, stories behind the images, lessons I have learned, beautiful places, wildlife, nature and cultures.

There are many different styles of photography and for those of you with an interest in it; I will share what I have learnt and different styles of photography as well as practical tips. Hopefully these will help you develop your own unique style.

We can all learn from nature, so let’s go wild!

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